hi i'm kita i'm going to dump my poops here

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hi i'm kita i'm going to dump my poops here

Post  Kita K. on Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:34 pm

recent single poops

  • (NEW) diG.I. joe
  • (NEW) pube
  • Soulja Boy must have a big-ass phone book
  • happy birthday cpubasic13
  • uncle ruckus doesn't care much for hip-hop music, and he might be a tad prejudiced as well
  • yifford 2 the massive crimson yofford
  • cartoon vitolys: windeu say funny thing
  • yifford the rather large red dog in a suit
  • captain assdough
  • cliffs notes: dig man avenger 26
  • fug rats 2 dot w m v
  • Chris Redfield's Punch-Out!!
  • Sam get's a banana 2
  • A one-minute ad for Leland's shop, or TIIIIIIIITS
  • logitech BAM proof keyboard, or SPIT ON REFRIDGERATOR
  • The Tourette's Wizard on the Road to California

wwe so cool series

  • wwe so cool 2
  • wwe so cool 7
  • there is a wwe so cool 8 too but it's dumb

digi mans series

  • them digimans get on a boat !!!
  • them digi mans on a boat 2 in see poo nesquik mansion
  • digi man phone booth, a bus, and the swine flu
  • digi mans 4: satr fox 64 feel true pain
  • (i really like this) digi mans : the movie !!!
  • digi mans 5: part prequel part trip to nigeria
  • digi mans 6: the last one

digi mans survivor max series

  • digi mans survivor max
  • digi mans survivor max 2 in which we meet the diddy mon emperor
  • (NEW) digi mans survivor max 3 OFFSHORE DRILLING ADVENTURE

mega race for your life charlie brown

  • mega race for your life charlie brown part 1
  • mega race for your life charlie brown part 2

poop tennis vs. razorbeamz before he started putting haruhi into everything, "The Beautiful ______" (this is pretty old and not very good)

  • here it is


  • let's play moon trucks
  • wine feldspar turbo hd remix

running with a central concept

  • one week to yiff
  • crazy bruce wayne's liquors
  • welp

these should have been funnier than they actually turned out
  • power girlz vs the beat offs
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