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Post  Kyrushi on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:44 pm

O hay guys! I liek teh interwebz. teh interwebz is mah friend. teh interwebz is joor friend to. teh sun ish mean. also: i r 1337 /b/ro l0l

*ahem* Ok, enough of that crap. My name is Aaron. I have been subscribed to mexican sunflower since around 500 subs and find his videos to be some of the most epic shit on the internet. Now he has a forum... so I thought: why not join in? Hopefully I'll enjoy my time here and not forget about this forum withen a week XD *adds to bookmarks to be safe*

I enjoy Gaming, crafting, drawing, music compositon, singing, and game making. If you're interested, I've got a youtube channel with all sorts of junk on it... (fami tracker attempts, let's play, runescape, ect.) Not really popular nor do I have spontanious humor unlike let's players. But i'd appriciate it if you could take a moment to comment and rate. Potentially give some pointers (I'd appriciate that even more despite bad ratings!) access HERE. I've got artwork on my deviant art HERE. I'm normaly proud of what I put on there. (normally) I have both doodles and detailed artwork (to an extent) on there if you're interested. I play Runescape and would like to meet new people if anyone else plays. Hit me a PM and I'll exchange usernames with you. I also play pokemon via wifi for those interested. I'd love a good battle anytime! Just hit me a PM and we'll scedual one in if you would like to play. Also note I may started recording these battles. make me aware if you'd prefer I don't.

I don't know how to make YTP or YTMV, but am interested in learning. Just could use a bit of help.

As mentioned earlier, I have an interest in game making. Haven't made any major games yet, but am currently working on my first major project based on childhood ideas. It'll be an 8-bit platformer simular to megamna in some terms with some other rules and features which will be discussed later when a gameplay video is announced or if I post a topic on here.

A friendly reminder: Incase of infuration and or mind fuck, your exits are located at the upper right corner of your browser. Thank you for your time.

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