goat story i write to mei

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goat story i write to mei

Post  irover on Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:27 pm

one day goat walk through forest and he look at the

trees with eyes of beauty then he ear heard rustle in

plant bush behind him so he quickly turn around adn

eh see big wolf come out of buah and he is oh no eat

me not please adn wolf say okay -

wold say bend over goat is said no please shouldnt

butt sex me i have straights for the girls

wolf is said i care not bedn over but goat is on four

leg so goat already bedn over

wolf stick peepee in goat bum and goat is say no

please no what family see this they disappoint me

disown beat

wofl say i no care and wolf going on and keep doing

wolf soon get point at where he going no longer and

he yell out oh no it time stop now or bad happen

wolf go spew stuff in goat goat done said oh ghod why

do that you person bad adn goat cry to self and wolf


wolf say call me adn have notecard adn give to goat

and walk through forest running though doesnt have

time because police

yes yes good story work hard it time took long did yes

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Re: goat story i write to mei

Post  MEI on Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:34 pm

I love you thanks^^*hugs*

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